Medical Uses of Urine Bag (Urinary Drainage Bag)

urinary drainage bag urine bag

Urine bag (urinary drainage bag) is a medical-grade PVC bag attached to a urinary catheter used to collect and store urine temporarily after draining the urine through the catheter. It is used to treat people with health challenges that affect the urine flow, such as urinary incontinence, urinary retention, surgery that requires the catheter. In … Read more

Overview of Antibiotics, Classification, Mechanism of Action

antibiotics classes

Antibiotics are antimicrobial substances or medicines used to stop bacterial infections, either by killing the bacteria or by inhibiting or slowing down the growth of the bacteria. They are substances produced by a microorganism (wholly or partly by chemical synthesis). We also known them as antibacterial agents, because they act specifically against bacteria. We should … Read more

The Main 3 Levels of Healthcare System in Nigeria

Levels of Healthcare System in Nigeria

There are three main levels of healthcare system in Nigeria, unlike in some advanced countries, that have four tiers of healthcare system, including quaternary healthcare. The structure or levels of healthcare system in Nigeria follow the structure of the government. The federal government handles the tertiary healthcare, the state handles the secondary healthcare, while the … Read more

The 4 Main Levels of Healthcare System

levels of healthcare system

In most health system, there are different levels of healthcare system. The structure which appears as pyramid shows the increasing levels of sophistication and specialisation as we move higher. In some countries, there are three tiers of healthcare: primary, secondary and tertiary. But in some developed countries, another tier called quaternary results in four levels … Read more

How to Calculate Safe Period With the Temperature and Cervical Mucus Method

natural contraceptive methods for safe period

Apart from the calendar method of calculating safe period, we can use other symptom based methods such as TwoDay Method, ovulation method, BBT method, and the symptothermal method. All of them are natural contraceptive methods. The symptothermal method of checking fertility period combines both the temperature method and the cervical mucus method. A major difference … Read more

Easy Way to Calculate Safe Period and Avoid Pregnancy (Safe Period Chart)

calculate safe period chart

Unplanned pregnancy is one of the most challenging situations for women. In this post, we will explain the easiest way to calculate safe period using the safe period chart, and other methods. Unprotected sexual activity increases the risk of getting pregnant for women. Even some birth control method such as withdrawal method used by men … Read more