List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Israel

There are a growing number of pharmaceutical companies in Israel, a tiny Middle East country. Though the pharmaceutical sector is booming, the medical devices market remains the largest in the Israel life science sector, with a market size of $1.6 billion in 2021.

The medical devices segment consists of Cardiovascular Devices (highest revenue), Orthopedic Devices, Hospital Supplies, Neurology Devices, General Surgery Devices. Major players in the sector are Abbott, GE Healthcare, Coloplast, Zimmer Biomet, BioView Ltd, TeleMedicine Ltd.

The medicine supply chain in Israel consists of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, drugstores, the pharmacies, and the consumer. Pharma manufacturers in Israel are expected to submit the list of drugs in Register of Preparations to the MoH. Drugstores are wholesalers who supply to licensed pharmacy outlets.

The market size of the pharmaceutical sector in Israel is $2.4 billion in 2018 (globaldata)

The major pharmaceutical companies in Israel are Sanofi, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Teva), Bayer AG, Kamada Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Merck & Co. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is an Israel indigenous pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Tel Aviv. It is among the top three manufacturers of generic medicines in the world, alongside Sandoz and Viatris. It is also one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (18th position)

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Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, and Kamada Ltd are other Isreal pharmaceutical and biotech companies respectively that have huge market globally especially in countries such as US, Canada

The main pharmaceutical manufacturing in Israel are generics, over-the-counter drugs, biologics, biosimilars. There is emphasis on research and development (R&D).

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Israel

  1. List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Israel
    1. Abbott Medical Laboratories Ltd
    2. Abbvie
    3. Algatechnologies
    5. Ambrosia Supherb LTD
    7. Aposense
    8. Astellas
    9. AstraZeneca
    10. Basalt Pharma
    11. Bayer Israel
    12. BioChem
    13. Bioforum
    14. Biokine LTD
    15. Biological Industries Israel Beit-Haemek
    16. BioLineRx Ltd.
    17. BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    19. Bio-Technology General (Israel) Ltd.
    20. Blau Pharmaceutical Services
    21. BMS
    22. Boehringer Ingelheim
    23. Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd.
    24. CollPlant Biotechnologies Ltd.
    25. Dexcel Pharma
    26. DR. Fischer Ltd
    27. Elcam Medical
    28. Eli Lilly
    29. Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd
    30. FERMENTEK Ltd
    31. Formulex LTD
    32. Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd.
    33. Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    34. Gilead
    35. Glycominds, LLC
    36. Gsap
    37. GSK
    38. Herbamed Ltd.
    39. Hylabs
    40. Immunovative Therapies
    41. Intec Pharma
    42. Izun Pharmaceuticals
    43. Kamada Pharmaceuticals
    44. Janssen
    45. Lapidot
    46. Lipogen
    47. Lycored Israel
    48. Lundbeck
    49. Maabarot Group
    50. MediWound
    51. Meditech
    52. Merck Serono
    53. MSD
    54. NanoPass Technologies Ltd
    55. Nasus Pharma
    56. Neuromagen Pharma
    57. Neurim Pharmaceuticals LTD
    58. Nextage Therapeutics
    59. Novartis
    60. Novetide Ltd.
    61. Novo Nordisk
    62. Omnix Medical
    63. Oramed Ltd.
    64. Orasis Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
    65. pepticom Ltd.
    66. Perrigo Israel pharmaceuticals
    67. Pfizer
    68. Pharmaseed Ltd.
    69. ProCore
    70. ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd.
    71. Protalix Biotherapeutics
    72. Rafa Laboratories
    73. Rakuto Kasei (Israel) LTD
    74. RedHill Biopharma Ltd
    75. Regentis Biomaterials
    76. Roche
    77. Sanofi
    78. Sigma-Aldrich Israel Ltd., an affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
    79. Sion Medical
    80. SK-Pharma Group
    81. Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd
    82. Sonovia
    83. Syntezza Bioscience Ltd.
    84. TAGRA Biotechnologies Ltd.
    85. Tamar Pharma Group Ltd.
    86. Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
    87. Tarom Applied Technologies Ltd
    88. Tarsier® Pharma Ltd
    89. Takeda
    90. Teva Israel Ltd
    91. Terry of Life Pharma
    92. Trima LTD
    93. Unipharm Ltd
    94. Univo Pharmaceuticals
    95. VBL Therapeutics
    96. Vyne Therapeutics Inc.
    97. Wavelength Pharma
    98. XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

Abbott Medical Laboratories Ltd

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BioLineRx Ltd.

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