Unripe Plantain: Important Nutritional and Health Benefits

Unripe Plantain Nutritional and Health Benefits

Unripe plantain fruit (Musa paradisiaca) is a herbaceous plant from the family, Musaceae. The large shrub can grow up to 9 m tall, has an obust tree-like pseudo-stem, a crown of large elongated oval deep-green leaves, and a prominent midrib. Unripe fruits of plantains have been suggested to be much beneficial to diabetic patients as … Read more

Ripe and Unripe Plantain Peel: Important Health Benefits, Nutritional Composition

Ripe and Unripe Plantain Peel Health Benefits, Nutritional Composition

Plantain peel, is the main bye-product of the plantain, after separating the pulp is about 40% of the plant total weight and contains large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus. Plantain (Musa paradisiaca) is one of the important crop in tropical and subtropical regions. It is similar in appearance to banana except that it is larger, … Read more