How Migraine can Protect against Diabetes

Scientist report has proved that people with migraine are less likely to get type 2 diabetes and vice versa. Studies showed that the peptides responsible for migraine pain can also stimulate the production of insulin in mice.

The peptides do this by regulating the amount of insulin secretion or increasing the pancreatic cells that produce it. In type 2 diabetes, insulin, which is the sugar regulatory hormone in the body that promotes the absorption of glucose into the body cells, is impaired.

The skeletal, liver, and fat cells that take up the glucose and store it for energy do not perform this function in diabetic conditions. This will cause the pancreas to increase insulin production and eventually exhaust itself and die.

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According to Thanh Do (Ph.D.), the main project investigator, the link between the two diseases are not obvious since migraine happens in the brain, and diabetes occurs in the pancreas. The brain and pancreas are far from each other.

This research will be presented at the fall meeting of the ACS 2021 (American Chemical Society)

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Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptides (PACAP) are two peptides in the nervous system and have a big role in causing migraine headaches. They are also found in the pancreas and they influence the release of insulin.

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Drugs used to treat migraines and diabetes are designed to target these peptides.

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