Important Health Benefits of Savoy Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage is one of the varieties of cabbages. Cabbage is a biennial plant that belongs to the Brassica family alongside broccoli, kale, brussels sprout, collard greens, and cauliflower. The main varieties of cabbage include savoy cabbage, Chinese cabbage, green cabbage, and red cabbages.

The name, savoy cabbage, is from the Savoy region in France. Savoy cabbage is a winter greenish leafy vegetable with crinkly, lacy leaves. It is ideal for pickling. Other names include Savoy King, Tundra, and Winter King.

Savoy cabbage is similar to ordinary green cabbage, as both have round shapes. Though it is less crunchy, but has better texture when cooked. It is sweeter, milder and more expensive than green cabbage.

It is also similar to napa cabbage or Chinese cabbage, as they both have ruffly, lacy leaves. However, napa cabbage is oblong, while savoy cabbage is round.

The cabbage can be eaten raw, fermented in sauerkraut, cooked, grilled, stuffed, and used in salads, soups.


Nutritional content includes calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and potassium. Vitamins include vitamins B6, C, and K, folate, and thiamine. There is also a high amount of pro-vitamin A carotenoid. It contains more calcium than milk.

Phytochemical composition includes glucosinolates, lutein, zeaxanthin, flavonoids such as kaempferol and quercetin, and phenolic acids such as gallic, sinapic and chlorogenic acids. The pigment, chlorophyll, is also present.

Health Benefits of Savoy Cabbage

Rich antioxidants: Glucosinolates, and vitamin C are important antioxidants that are abundant in savoy cabbage. Antioxidants are powerful compounds that scavenge and destroy free radicals that may cause diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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High fiber content: There is a good quantity of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps to prevent weight gain, improve the intestinal flora, bowel movement, and decrease the chances of diabetes, bowel cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Prevents cancer: Compounds in savoy cabbage such as glucosinolates, and vitamin C can prevent the formation of cancer-promoting nitrosamines.

Improves the immune system: Vitamin C, folates, Vitamin B6 content in the cabbage helps to improve immune function.

Blood clotting: Cabbage has a high quantity of vitamin K. This vitamin helps to promote blood clotting, and plays a good role in the health of bones.

Improves the eyesight: Cabbage has vitamin A, which is important for eyesight.


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