New Hazard Allowances for Medical Workers in Nigeria Approved – NSIWC

In a new circular released on 22nd December 2021, the Federal Government has approved hazard allowances for medical workers in Nigeria through the NSIWC.

The National Salaries, Incomes & Wages Commission (NSIWC) noted that this step was taken after a series of meetings and negotiations between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Union of health workers across the country. The Honourable Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige saw to this agreement.

The Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) is the union responsible for relaying the complaints of health workers such as pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, medical laboratory scientists etc. in Nigeria to the government. The medical doctors who have their own agency, The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).

The difference between the two bodies, JOHESU and NMA, is evident in their salary structures. The CONHESS and CONMESS are the two salary structures for both. New Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) is the payment structure for JOHESU and the Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations (AHPA).

The Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) is the salary structure for medical and dentists covered under the umbrella of the NMA.

The new hazard allowances agreed by the Federal Government of Nigeria are applicable to Federal Hospitals, Medical Centres and Clinics in Ministries, Departments and Agencies. They are not binding on any state and private health establishments.

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The NSIWC Hazard Allowances for Medical Workers

CONHESS – Non-Clinical 01 – 05 N5000 N15000
CONHESS – Clinical 01 – 05 N5000 N16000
CONHESS – Non-Clinical 06 – 12 N5000 N30000
CONHESS – Clinical 06 – 12 N5000 N32000
CONHESS – Non-Clinical 13 – 15 N5000 N32000
CONHESS – Clinical 13 -15 N5000 N34000
Interns/NYSC Doctors   N5000 N32000
CONMESS 02 N5000 N32000
CONMESS 03 – 04 N5000 N35000
CONMESS 05 – 07 N5000 N40000
New NSIWC Hazard Allowance for Health Workers

The NSIWC also stated that the payment of the new hazard allowance in the Federal Public Service will be by phase, as there is still ongoing migration of all Federal government workers, including medical and health workers, to Employees Compensation Act, 2010.

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