Clover Honey: Important Health Benefits, Composition, Uses

clover honey health benefits

Clover honey is a premium and unique type of honey obtained from different species of the genus Trifolium. Clovers are dominant species in multifloral honey, and there are many species like crimson clover, arrowleaf clover, white clover, strawberry clover, and balansa clover. Monofloral bioactive honeys like manuka honey(Leptospermum scoparium) are also growing in demands due … Read more

Raw Honey: Important Health Benefits of Honey, Dosage, Side Effects

Raw Honey Health Benefits of Honey, Dosage, Side Effects

Raw honey is a sweet, flavored liquid organic natural substance that is produced from the nectar of flowers pollen by different species of bees but mostly especially Apis mellifera spp. There are over 300 species of bees and apart from Apis mellifera. Honey was probably the first sweetening agent to have existed, and dates back … Read more