Neem Oil for Hair: The Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

neem oil health benefits

Neem, Azadirachta indica, belongs to the family, Meliaceae. It is originally from India but now grows in other tropical and subtropical region. Neem oil is a natural byproduct of neem. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, England, France now plant neem tree. The tree is an evergreen, small to medium-sized with … Read more

Neem Plant: Important Medical Uses, and Applications

health benefits of neem plant

Neem plant is a plant of the family Meliaceae. The botanical name is Azadirachta indica. The tree is tall, and sometimes medium-sized in some places. It produces evergreen leaves. The plant originates from the Indian subcontinent. Neem is sometimes confused with Melia azedarach, a plant native to Asia that has been introduced to the tropics. … Read more