Oxygen Masks Vs Nasal Cannula: Differences and Similarities

Oxygen Masks Vs Nasal Cannula Differences

Oxygen delivery systems are used to deliver supplementary oxygen to patients who need respiratory help. Patients with apnea, congestive pulmonary disease, lung disease, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, asthma, cardiac conditions also benefit from oxygen therapy. The system make use of devices such as nasal cannula, or oxygen masks with oxygen source such as oxygen concentrators and … Read more

All Types of Oxygen Mask, Uses in the Medical Field

Types of Oxygen Mask, Uses

Oxygen mask is one of the oxygen delivery system to supply supplementary oxygen in patients with respiratory need. It covers the nose and mouth. An elastic band wraps around the back of the head and helps the oxygen mask stay attached. There is an oxygen tube in the lower front of the mask, and it … Read more