Wonderful Health Benefits of Goron Tula Fruit

Azanza garckeana, popularly called Goron Tula fruit (kola of Tula) is available in abundance in the Tula village of Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State. It is a deciduous shrub and a valuable edible fruit tree. It is called the miracle fruit because of the various benefits.

The goron tula fruit has a fleshy gumming pulp, and five seeds. The flesh is a wonderful source of protein, mineral, fibre, and vitamin. It has both nutritional and medicinal value, just like bitter kola.

Common names of the Goron Tula fruits are Morojwa in Botswana, Goron Tula in Hausa, tree hibiscus or snot apple in English. Other names are Thespesia or Silky Kola, “African chewing gum” because of the gummy nature.

Composition of the Goron Tula Fruit

There are many phytochemical present in the goron tula fruit with carotenoids having the highest composition. They are carotenoids, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, cyanogenic glucosides and xanthone in both pulp and seed of the fruit.

There are mineral components such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and iron.

Phytochemical Composition of Goron Tula

Cyanogenic glucosides (ug/g)0.21
Ochokwu et al., (2015)

Mineral Composition of Goron Tula

Nutrient, Minerals Values
Calcium17.82 mg/l
Magnesium3.59 mg/l
Iron13.89 mg/l
Sodium180.30 mg/l
Phosphorus59.50 mg/l
Potassium1810.0 mg/l
Ascorbic Acid20.5mg/100g
Ochokwu et al., (2015)

Goron Tula Uses (Health Benefits)

Anti-Cancer: Carotenoids in goron tula fruit have a wonderful level of antioxidants which mops up free radicals and reduces cancer risks.

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Anti-inflammatory property: The presence of flavonoids, triterpenoid and saponins inhibits synthesis and release of inflammatory mediators, prostaglandins and polypeptide kinins. This result in the anti-inflammatory action on the fruit.

Anti-Diabetic: some phytochemical, such as flavonoids, glycosides, and terpenes present in the fruit, are good for sugar level control in the body. Hence, they are good for diabetic patients.

Fertility: Goron tula fruits are consumed for their fertility enhancing activity. It increases female lubrication and also improves the body’s immune functions. The fruit also helps to correct menstruation problems.

Anti-microbial property: Goron tula has a high level of phenolic compounds such as alkaloids and saponins. These compounds have an antimicrobial action against microbes such as Klebsiella
, and can help in preventing microbial infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

Aphrodisiac: Goron tula is a good aphrodisiac for men and women who are suffering from low sexual drive.

Immune boosting: Flavonoids in the fruit help us fight allergen, virus and cyanogen.

Goron tula also possesses minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium in some quantities.

Goron tula for Men

Because Goron tula seed has low anti-nutrients, such as oxalate, phytate and tannins, it can serve as fertility booster.

The amount of magnesium and calcium affect sperm concentration in the body. Since goron tula has both minerals, it will help to improve sexual function in men.

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Some studies suggest that consumption of compounds such as goron tula with a good quantity of antioxidants can improve sperm motility and concentration, and reduce DNA damage.

In some areas, men take a mixture of goron tula fruit with pineapple and lemon to treat premature ejaculation. Goron tula can also be mixed with honey.

Goron Tula for Fertility

The goron tula fruit is a good tightening agent for the private and aphrodisiac. It is used to increase vaginal wetness, making it slippery to enhance love making, eliminating dryness.

Magnesium content of the goron tula fruit also helps in fertility. Magnesium handles up to 700 to 800 enzyme system in the body. It also helps the body to relieve stress and improve sleep. Since trying to conceive causes a lot of stress, and sleep depravation in some women, and magnesium can improve relaxation and also reduce insulin spikes. Insulin spikes cause wakefulness.

Magnesium controls the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) binding to the receptors in the ovary. Since FSH stimulates the ovaries, low level of magnesium may cause low progesterone levels. Low progesterone levels can cause short luteal phase, and risk of miscarriage.

The antimicrobial content of the fruit can also help the female body to wade off microorganisms and increase the normal flora in the vagina.

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Side effects of Goron tula fruit

Though there are many health benefits associated with the goron tula fruits, there are also some unwanted side effects such as microbial contamination, adulteration. The high level of polyphenols can also cause issues such as kidney issues, cancer risks.

High level of tannins can cause gastric irritation, nausea and vomiting. The crushing of the fruit can cause the hydrolysis of cyanogenic glycosides. The end product is cyanides, which, when consumed, can cause growth retardation and other neurological disorders.

Drug interaction can result from consuming the fruit alongside some medications.

How to Use the Goron tula fruit

  • Wash the fruit properly with clean water to remove unwanted particles and microbes on the body.
  • Remove the shell to extract the pulp.
  • You can either chew the pulp to get the slimy fluid inside or press it.
  • If the fruit is dry, you can use warm water to soak it for some minutes to extract the fluid.

Can Goron Tula Cause Miscarriage?

Using herbal medication during pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester, is not advisable. Though there is no study yet, goron tula has different phytochemicals, such as tannins, saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids which may affect the unborn baby.

A study shows that alkaloid may cause developmental defects in the foetus by disruption of cholinergic neurotransmission.

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