New List of Online Pharmacy Stores in Nigeria

The online pharmacy practice model has been on the increase recently in Nigeria. In this post, we will discuss some of the verified online pharmacy stores in Nigeria. By “verified” we mean that the pharmacy business is duly registered and licensed by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN).

It should be noted that, though these pharmacies are registered with the PCN, we are not sure whether they were given any permission by the body to operate an online pharmacy system. This is because the PCN has not come out with any specific rules and regulations regarding such practice.

This is unlike countries like the United States, the UK, and Canada. Their governments have actually come out with guidelines as regards the approval and operation of online pharmacies. This means not all the retail or community pharmacies are approved for the internet pharmacy model.

In Canada, they have gone ahead to regulate the domain name registration assignment. Only approved pharmacies are allowed to use .pharmacy in their domain name. For example, if my pharmacy business name is Healthwise Pharmacy, and I want to register it for an internet pharmacy, I can use the domain name, ( No other business structure apart from the pharmacy is permitted to use this extension in Canada.

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Online Pharmacy Stores in Nigeria (license verified)

Online pharmacy in Lagos

# OneHealthNG

A check through the PCN premise verification portal shows the online pharmacy has a primary location in Lagos, Nigeria, and is fully licensed. They dispense NAFDAC verified drugs, supplements and also conduct different tests such as Covid-19, STD Screening. They also have a doctor that can offer consultation services.

They offer 24-hour services. Another good thing about their services is that their online support is always available to respond to your message immediately. OnehealthNg, one of the best online pharmacy stores in Nigeria, is owned by Pharmacist Adeola Alli.

# Assetpharmacy

This online pharmacy service is owned by a licensed pharmacy, Asset Chemist Nig Ltd. The pharmacy is located in Lagos. They operate through the week, with the exception of Sundays.

They handle prescriptions and dispense medications. You can also consult with their doctors available online. They do free delivery for orders above N10,000.

# Cypresspharmacy

This pharmacy founded by Tobi Osunnuga is located in Lekki, Lagos. They have both prescriptions and OTC medications, as well as wholesale pharmaceutical services. The pharmacy gives free blood pressure screening tests.

As a new user, you register with them and send your prescription to be attended to.

# MedPlus

One of the most reputable pharmacy chains, with over 60 pharmacy outlets nationwide in Nigeria, Medplus has an online pharmacy where you can upload your prescription and receive medications. Other services include blood pressure, sugar checks, medical counseling.

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They provide both prescription, OTC drugs, skincare, and other cosmetics.

# Mophet Pharmacy

Mophet pharmacy is located in Victoria Island, Lagos. They offer health checks, and medical counseling services to their patients.

Other Online Pharmacy in Lagos are listed below:

Online pharmacy in Abuja

# Tonia Pharmacy

Tonia Pharmacy has over five branches in different parts of Abuja. The online pharmacy operates every day. They also partner with hospitals, HMOs to supply their drug needs.

The pharmacy also has supermarkets for all your household needs.

# H-Medix

H-Medix, another pharmacy outlet located in Wuse 2, Abuja.

# Pharmgate Pharmacy

An online pharmacy with a physical location in Maitama, Abuja. They also have another branch in Ibadan. The online pharmacy deals with both OTC and prescriptions drugs.

# Bemajpharmacy

An online pharmacy store of Bemaj Pharmacy Limited. They have their primary location in Wuse, Abuja. You can contact them directly through the website with your prescription.

# m-Medix

An online pharmacy owned by Malbo Pharmacy. The pharmacy outlet is located in Abuja. They deal in

Though the website could be better in terms of design and ease of use.

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*Note: is not one of the online pharmacy stores in Nigeria. They are just an aggregator website that helps to connect patients to the pharmacies with the drugs.

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