How to make PCN remita payment (PCN License renewal)

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria has tried to simplify its method of payment. They have introduced PCN Remita payment to ease the stress on pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and others who want to pay for various services on the PCN platform.

Before now, you have to go to the physical office of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria in your state of residence to start any process of payment. An invoice will be generated for you and you have to proceed to the bank to complete the payment.

All these processes were time-wasting and frustrating for pharmacists. The busy schedules of some also mean they struggle to create such time for that.

The introduction of Remita payment, an online platform, means that pharmacists can now complete any online registration and different payments right from the comfort of their home, with relative ease and speed.


PCN License renewal

Every licensed pharmacist is supposed to renew his/her license every year before the 31st day of January.

Note: For you to renew your annual license, you must have registered for the annual license. To do this, you have to go first to the PSN office in your residence state. You will be given a clearance form by PSN. With this clearance form, go to the PCN office and submit it. At the PCN office, you will be given a scratch pin free.

Use this scratch pin and register here: Once you submit your pin, choose the “submit registration for 2018” to continue.

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To pay for your license online, you must have registered for an account with the PCN Pay portal. The PCN Portal is where almost all payments ranging from the annual license, full registration, location approval, new premise registration, provisional registration, and others are made.

To renew your PCN license using PCN Remita payment, go to your pay portal dashboard

  • In your dashboard, you will see all your payment history. If you wish to make a new payment, go to the option, Make Payment.
  • Select your location. You will see options such as PCN – Adamawa, PCN – Enugu. Choose your desired state.
  • In the Category and Service/Purpose sections, you have to select what you are paying for. Then go to Pay Now to proceed and pay.
  • In the annual license renewal, NYSC pharmacists pay N1,500 alongside pharmacists within 9 years post-registration, pharmacists between 10-14 years post registration pay N3000, pharmacists between 15-39 years post registration pay N4500. Pharmacists registered outside Nigeria pay $100 (N41,000).

PEP Exams

The Pre Registration Examination for pharmacists who have completed their internship programs in different accredited institutions across the country. This examination is held twice a year – in March and October across the six geopolitical zones of the country. You can use PCN Remita payment to register.

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To register, all you need to do is visit the PCNPEP Portal. In the process of registration, you will be directed to pay. If you complete the payment (N20,000) online using your ATM Card, a Remita (RRR) will be generated for you. This Remita number will now allow you to complete your online application for the examination.

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