What you need to know about YPG Nigeria (Young Pharmacist group)

The YPG Nigeria was formed in 2012. It is an interest group of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN). Hence, the name is the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria – Young Pharmacist Group (PSN -YPG). Their activities are therefore supervised by Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, the President of PSN.

The membership is limited to all licensed pharmacists who are not more than 35 years. Another criterion is that your post-graduation years from pharmacy school should not be more than 5 years. Whether you are a Bachelor’s degree, Masters, Ph.D. PharmD degree holder, you can join if you meet the above-mentioned conditions.

The YPG is an umbrella body of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) formed for young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to network and share ideas and common goals. The YPG was formed in 2001.

The organizational structure of YPG Nigeria

PSN – YPG has branches in all the states in Nigeria. However, the Lagos chapter is the most active with a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook.

The current National President of the YPG in Nigeria is Yimika Oguns. She replaced Isah Muhammed in November 2020.

The meeting of the PSN-YPG takes place every year at the PSN conference. It is at the meeting that the new executive is elected and planning for next year’s events is done.

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These pharmacists are the current executives at the national level includes

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Yimika Oguns – PSN-YPG President
  • Yimika Oguns – President,
  • Oluwabukunmi Ajibade – Vice Chairman,
  • Tijesu Folorunsho – General Secretary,
  • Ugwu Christian Chukwuma – Assistant General Secretary,
  • Iyameni Ekawu Shontelle – Financial Secretary,
  • Abdulsalam Oyerinde – Treasurer,
  • Roseline Akande – Public Relations Officer

Zonal Co-ordinators of the YPG

  • Muna Francis – South-East zone,
  • Sylvanus Edo – South-South zone,
  • Adeyemi Yusuff – South-West zone,
  • Samuel Odegbo – North-Central zone,
  • Mama Hassan – North-East zone.
  • Nura Abdullahi Ahmed – North-West zone.

The YPG Nigeria has many committees like media and public relations, professional development, public health, projects development and implementation, policy and pharmacy practice, internal relations, grants, sponsorship and business development, editorial and research committees.

The global body of the YPG

The YPG has an executive at the FIP level. They hold their meeting every year at the FIP’s World Congress. Any YPG member can attend the meeting. New executives are elected every year.

The YPG Steering Committee consists of the President, the President-elect, Secretary, Chairperson of Projects, and Chairperson of Public relations.

The current President is Renly Lim from Australia. The President-elect is Louisa Sullivan from the US. A Nigerian, Ikwaibom Umoiyoho is the current Chairperson of Projects.

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The committee is responsible for planning the activities and finances of the body, appointing coordinators, and relaying information to the YPG members of FIP.

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The roles of the YPG in Nigeria

The YPG seeks to impact positively the pharmacy profession by encouraging continuous education for pharmacists. This is to ensure the continuous growth of the profession as an indispensable part of the health sector.

The group also helps to make it easier for young pharmacists to transition from pharmacy schools to pharmacy practice. They do this by providing the right intellectual and practical guidance.

The platform also helps to enlighten young pharmacists through various engagements, like clinical outreach, awareness programs, debates.

The YPG body also organizes meetings and functions through which pharmacists from various states of the country come together to meet, interact and share ideas.

Since YPG is under the PSN (Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria), the representation of young pharmacists at the administrative level of the profession is much easier. They can channel their complaints or contributions to the right body.

How to become part of YPG Nigeria

If you are a young pharmacist in Nigeria, you can become part of the YPG by registering on their website here.

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