Full List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Saudi Arabia (2024)

Saudi Arabia has the largest pharmaceutical sector in the Arabian peninsula. There is a growing number of pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia owing to government increased spending on the health sector, and a focus on local production of drugs. There are more than 40 licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) established in 2003 alongside the Federal Ministry of Health, regulates the pharmaceutical sector in Saudi Arabia. SFDA regulates the registration, licensing, importation, pricing, drug supply chain, inspection, and approval or suspension of medicines.

The National Unified Procurement Company (NUPCO) is a private sector involvement in the pharmaceutical industry of Saudi Arabia. They manage the supply chain, procurement, and logistics.

Main local pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia are Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Company, Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO), and Al Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries. Although they were mainly importing and packaging finished drugs from foreign countries, they now produce locally.

Pharmaceutical sales from Saudi Arabia are the highest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, ahead of Egypt, Morocco, UAE, but there is still low local production of branded drugs with much emphasis on generic drugs.

Major foreign multinational pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia are Sanofi, GSK, AstraZeneca, Baxter International.

There are many R&D projects with over 400 clinical trials conducted in different therapeutic classes.

The country still relies largely on imported drugs from China, India, Europe, USA, with almost half of drug purchases in the Gulf.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Saudi Arabia

Abbott Saudi Arabia Trading Limited

7355 Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, 2432,
Ash Shati, Jeddah 23511, Saudi Arabia

P.O.Box. 16082 Riyadh, 11464
Saudi Arabia

Tel Jeddah Office: +966-12-5781530
Tel Riyadh Office: +966-11-2848100
Tel Dammam Office: +966-13-8312700

AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals GmbH

Abraj Attawuneyyah
North Tower, 16th Floor
P.O. Box 9710, Riyadh 11423
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Office: +966 11 299 42 00
Fax: +966 11 299 42 88

Abdulrehman Al-Gosaibi Company

8015 King Abdulaziz Rd, As Sulimaniyah,
3942, Riyadh 12233, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 479 3000
Fax: +966-11-477 1374
Email: info@aralgosaibico.com

AcedrA Pharmaceutical Company

Head Office: Al Riyadh, Platinum Centre,  
Az Zahra, Riyadh 12811, Saudi Arabia.

Tel: +966 11 400 0036

Acino Arabia LLC

2091 Prince Moahemed Bin Abdelaziz,
8909 Al Andalus Dist.
P.O 23326
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966553561871

Advanced Pharmaceutical Industries

Office 208, Al-Murjana Building
8125 Al Amir Sultan- Al Rawdah
Jeddah 23435-2086, KSA

Phone: 920013681
Email: info@adv-pharma.com

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Advanced Science Trading

7468 Adam Ibn Rabiah, Al Malaz, 2423,
Riyadh 12831, Saudi Arabia

Email: info@advancedscience.com.sa
Phone: +966 11 279 07 00, +966 11 279 00 12

AJA Pharma

Airport Rd C2 Building,Office 7, The Business Gate,
Riyadh 11461, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 268 7988
Email: info@ajapharma.com

Al Madina Al Mnawara

Al Madina Al Mnawara – industrial area – 48
St, Industrial Cities Authority.

Telephone: +966 14 869 0721
E-mail: info@razial-madina.com

Al Naghi Company

Al Naghi Headquarters, King Abdul Aziz Road,
Al Shatee District, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 12 633 8599
Email: ahmed_naghi@alnaghi.com

Al Rai Pharma

P. O. Box: 9224, Jeddah – 21413, K.S.A

Phone: +966 12 2900127 , +966 12 2888949
Email: info@alraipharma.com

Al Razi Pharma

Street 67 / 110, 2nd Industrial City,
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone: +966 13 828 1919, +966 13 828 1313
Email: info@alrazi-pharma.com

Al-Razzi Al Madina

Al Madina Al Mnawara – industrial area – 48 St,
Industrial Cities Authority.

Telephone: +966 14 869 0721, +966 14 869 0721
E-mail: info@razial-madina.com

Algorithm Pharmaceutical Company

Abu Ayoub Al Ansari St Abu Ayoub Al Ansari St,
9385, Al Tubayshi, Dammam 32233, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 1 1464 6955
Mobile: +966 55 999 4037

Alpha Pharma

3289–Industrial Valley Phase II,
King Abdullah Economic City.
23994–8711, Rabigh, KSA

Phone: +966 12 212 9013
Mail: info@alphapharma.com.sa

Alyanbue Pharma Est.

placeholder 7129 Al-Ruwaita Street, Olaya,
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Phone: +966-59-4890061
Email: Yanbue.pharma@gmail.com
Website: www.yanbue-pharma.com


3828 Abdulmalik Ibn Marwan, Al Mutamarat,
Riyadh 12711, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 465 5075

APEX Pharma Factory

Intersection of King Fahd & King Abdullah Roads,
AlJumaiah Building,
7th floor, North Tower,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tel: (+966) 114502030
Fax: (+966) 114709161
Email: ecg-ksa@ecgsa.com

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Arabian Medical & Pharmaceutical Company (AMPC)

P.O.Box – 13577
Falasteen Street East,
Al Nakheel District, Jeddah–23242
Saudi Arabia

Tel: 920019221
Email: sales@ampc-sa.com, info@ampc-sa.co


Headquaters: Khurais Commercial Center
P.O. Box 63243, Riyadh 11516
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 11 461 5533
Fax: +966 11 463 3729

Facility: Al Umrah District Makkah Industrial Zone
P.O. Box 20355, Makkah 21955
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 12 521 3174
Fax: +966 12521 290

Medical Enquiry: med.info@arabio.com
Career: info@arabio.com
Business Dev: info@arabio.com


Al-Nakhla Tower, 13th floor,
Ath Thumamah Road
Al Sahafa District. 7198
Unit No. 20
Riyadh 13315 – 3642

Tel: +966 (011) 22 492 00
Fax: +966 (011) 22 492 91

Astrix Pharma

Office: Riyadh, Al Olaya12611
Factory: Al Kharj, Industrial City

Phone: +966 54 445 3677
Email: info@astrixpharma.se

Avalon Pharmaceutical

P.O.Box 301332 Riyadh 11372
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Email: info@avalon.com.sa


King Abdulaziz Street, Al Rabea District
Building 8006, Fourth floor, Office # 12
P.O. Box: 12498, Riyadh 13315
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Email: info.ksa@avicenna-ihs.com
Phone: +966 11 205 5636


6th Street, Dammam 34334, Saudi Arabia

Phone: 00966118747305


Batterjee Pharmaceutical Factory, Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 10667, Jeddah 21443, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone Number: +966 12 6089999
Fax Number: +966 12 6080909
Email: group@batterjeepharma.com,

Beckman Coulter Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: King Abdallah Road
Exit 10 Al Mugharazat Area
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 4519100

Jeddah: Jeddah – Al Barrak Tower 7th Floor
Al-Baghdadiyah, Al-Gharbiyah
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 2636272

Boehringer Ingelheim Saudi Arabia Trading

Riyadh Front, Business Area,
King Khalid International Airport Road
Opp. Prince Noura Women University
KADAN Properties, Building S9, Floor 2, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 11 5116 500
Fax: +966 11 5116 545

Boston Oncology Arabia

4147 Wadi Ash Shati
Dorat Al-Ghadir Building 8646
2nd Floor, Office 23
Riyadh, 13311 Saudi Arabia

Phone: 9200 33871

Bristol Myers Squibb – Saudi Arabia

Al Olaya, 12212, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 244 3535

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