Full List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Algeria (2024)

Algeria has the largest population in the Maghreb region and the second largest in North Africa. This large population is a very good market for pharmaceutical companies in Algeria – both foreign and local pharma. Algeria’s pharmaceutical industry ranks well alongside its neighbors, such as Egypt and Morocco.

The pharmaceutical industry focuses on research and development (R&D). Some of the indigenous pharma manufacturers are Pharmalliance, Saidal, LDM Maghreb Diagnostic Laboratories, and HUP Pharma.

There is a foreign presence in the pharmaceutical field in Algeria, with France having the largest number of foreign pharmaceutical companies in Algeria. French giant pharma, Sanofi, built the largest drug production facility in Africa in Sidi Abdellah (Algiers).

USA, Britain, and Switzerland have a sizeable investment in the sector.

In 2021, local drug production by pharmaceutical companies in Algeria amounted to the value of 2.5 billion euros.

The Algerian Government has since lowered their restriction on American pharma companies. This has increased US foreign investment in the pharmaceutical sector. Algeria. The Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry (MOPI) and the National Agency for Pharmaceutical Products (ANPP) provide the regulatory framework for the sector.

They also have the role of modernizing the pharmaceutical industry in Algeria. The MoPI is striving to improve the local production of drugs in Algeria, while also promoting export. They project that the pharmaceutical import will equal the export by the year 2025.

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List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Algeria

Abbott Diabetes Care

10, Ibrahim Hejres Street, Beni
Mesous, Algiers, Algiers
Phone Number: 21321916509

AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals GmbH

Hai Bouteldja Houidef,
Villa n° 12 rocade sud,
Ben Aknoun , Alger, Algérie



MXX8+3JM, Baba Hassen, Algeria

AfroPharm Production

Rue Si Belaid Oued Fodda Chlef
Farm Munik Enesa Dar El Beida Algiers

Algen Pharm

Coopérative El Feth, villa 20A,
Said Hamdine, Bir Mourad Rais, Algiers, Algeria

Phone: 00 213 23 59 81 96
Fax: 00 213 982 401 501 (NEW)
Email: algenpharm@gmail.com
Web: www.algenpharm.com

Algeria Animal Care

Siège sociale Rue frère Djerroud, Groupe propriétaire n 81, classe 22, El biar, alger algérie.
Tel : 05 53 66 03 46
Fax: 025 20 82 72/76
E-mail : algeria_animal_care@LIVE.FR

APP Pharm (Algerian Product Pharma)

Es-Senia Industrial Zone, Oran, Algeria

+213(0)779 70 77 15

AstraZeneca Al Djazair

Micro Zone d’activité No.20 – Bloc A, Chemin Doudou Mokhtar، Hydra, Algeria


BEKER Laboratories

Headquarters: Cité Aissat Idir Villa No. 2 Dar El Beida 16 100, Algeria.

Manufacturing site: Dar El Beida Extension Activity Zone, No. 18 Cité Fatma N’soumer, 16100 Algiers.

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Tel: +213(0)23 83 36 42
Fax: +213(0)23 83 36 39

Email: contact.beker@gmail.com

Biocare Laboratories

Route Nationale N°44 Sidi Kassi, Ben M’hidi
El-TARF, 36000, Algeria.

Tel: +2 133 834 9128 | +2 133 834 9130
Fax: +2 133 834 9129

Bioscan Industrie

No. 452, ZEA, Ouled Saber
Setif, Algeria
023 24 55 91
0560 02 47 50

Biotechnica Pharma Global (BPG)

27 Chemin Mackley Cooperative of Doctors–Ben Aknoun, 16028 Algiers, Algeria
+213 561 65 01 00

Biopharm Laboratoire Industrie Pharmacetique

P664+JCR, ZI, Oued Smar, Algeria
+213 23 85 10 10

Biorem Laboratories

Zone Industrielle Ouled Salah Jijel
+213 561 87 54 57
034 55 38 16

BIOTHERA Laboratories

RN N°44 EL ANIEB – Sidi kassi, Ben M’hidi El-TARF, 36000, Algeria
+213 038 341 818
+213 038 341 878

Boehringer Ingelheim Middle East & North Africa LLC

Coopérative El Yasmine,
29 route du stade,
Ouled Fayet,
Algiers, Algeria
Phone + 213 21384003
Fax + 213 21384003

Cisna Pharm

N°06 Zone industrielle Palma 25000, Constantine, Algeria
+213 31 60 67 34

Clinica Group

Cité les dunes domaine propriétaire n° 389، lotissement n°4 Chéraga، 16002, Algeria


Continentale Pharme Laboratoire CLP

ZI CITE NEDJMA LOT 21/29 Oran, Oran(31), Algeria
+213 40 22 31 14

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